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See?. I'm not dead and I return with more random stuff about my music collection that I doubt people care about ;D Hi-ho music away!

Alright, here is the 411 on this situation. I am sitting in the airport at around 11AM when my flight was originally set to depart at 10.10AM. Weather delayed the planes and that is understandable, but a two hour delay even if there is weather problems in San Francisco as well. My flight isn't set to leave here till around 11.45AM and my flight out of San Francisco is set to leave at 1.10PM. Well that worried me, so I asked about my connecting flight and found out that that flight is likely to be delayed as well so I should catch my flight. Fine, that's all nice and dandy. That isn't what is frustrating me.

What is frustrating me is that I can SEE the plane right the fuck now that I am going to be leaving on. It has been here for at least 30mins already and yet we aren't leaving for another hour. What?. What sort of sense does that make?. Whatever. I know there is probably some sort of logical explanation, but is it doesn't really matter to me. I want to get on with my vacation instead of sitting here in the airport.

EDIT: Alright, that's better. We're boarding in about 15mins. That makes me feel a bit better. Maybe I just like bitching.

You're really lovely underneath it all

OKAY. So I finally called Tech Support for my computer and after an ordeal of not being able to understand the person I was talking to, I got success!. A new battery is coming for me on tuesday or wednesday.

This is a happy day indeed
Are you supposed to feel like shit when you tell a guy you only like him as a friend when you aren't even sure you are dating him?. I mean I love him, he's one of my best friends and he always will be. But he lives in California and I live here in Oregon and long-distance. And shit, I am not making any sense. All I know is I feel like shit and I hate it. I hate that I probably made him feel like shit and all the fucking crap. Just... shit.

And yes, feel free to ignore this emo shit I've managed to spew out.
Ok, wtf laptop?. I have it plugged in and it says it's on AC power. But when I check my battery, it says it's only 7% charged and before it said it was 70% charged. I think my battery might be dying and that pisses me off. I mean seriously, I haven't even had my laptop for a year and already I've had to replace the power cord and now maybe the battery?. *groan*

EDIT: It is the battery dying/dead, damnit
Ok world, I am turning eighteen in twelve days. This is weird XD

What?. You were looking for a point to this entry?. I have no point, I never have a point.

No way to make a living

April was the last time I posted and I return with a music survey. Haha.. I'm so lame

And I won't tell em your name

I apparently have many different names ;D

And the bags are much too heavy

Well, I just got home. Stupid number 9 bus taking over an hour to arrive.

Frequent service my ass *snorts*


'Cause every dog has it's day

Not much to say really except that the airport has a Wi-Fi connection and that I'm waiting for my plane. Heading down to California to visit family and friends I haven't seen since around Christmas *smiles*  Will be gone until Monday.

Also look!. New mood icons ;D They are of Axel and Demyx from 'Kingdom Hearts 2' a new video game I'm addicted to and need to buy like d00d.

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