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Ay, Ay, Ay, I'm your little butterfly

Title: #7 - Grasping arms
Rating: PG-13   
Word Count: 525
Pairing: Alphia (Albel/Sophia)
Fandom: Star Ocean 3/ Star Ocean: Till the end of Time
Posting For: tainted_affair

Well, mini-emotional breakdowns at midnights are the new highlight of my life *sarcasm* I was laying there in bed and for whatever reason my time started thinking of the fact that one of my friends might not like me and somehow that set me off and before I knew it I was fucking crying my eyes out.

Which is crap. I hate doing that.

And a sidenote to wombatina, I do know I should be in bed right now and not up and on my computer. I would be asleep, honest. But I couldn't sleep, so I did what I always used to do back in CA. I got on the internet to see if calico_catz was online.

Which she was and, holy crap I love that whore so much, she managed like she always does to cheer my back and help me think of things logically. Besides, I know it wasn't really the fact my friend might not like me anymore that made me cry. It was just everything all building up slowly and choosing a fucking random way to come out.

Maybe I am like my mother in that I bottle up.... and please wombatina, I don't want to talk about it. I will talk to Gina next monday. It's not I don't feel I can talk to you, I just don't... want to (God that came out sounding wrong and horrid and everything that sucks). Please don't be offended....
Today I was having a somewhat shitty day, not really that bad considering I've had some crap days in my life, but not the best day ever. It wasn't bad once I got home from school, but somewhere around 8.30PM I got a call from someone I know in California. And not just anyone someone, but the guy I've had a crush on sense around the start of my Junior year of high school and I'm a Senior this year. Anyways, yes, he called me.

Which wasn't really that odd and I was glad to hear from him, I enjoy talking to him and he cheers me up. But then he says he called to ask me something and that it was hard to put into words. And do you know what  he wanted to ask?.

He asked me to Prom!

Yes, I realize I live in Oregon and he lives in California, but I was planning on trying my hardest to get to my old high school's Prom, but now I have to try extra hard.

Cause, you know, I said yes.
I haven't posted an entry here sense last year (oh look at me make a not-funny funny :O!). I could do a long entry about how I went to California for nine days to visit family and friends over Winter Break and then one of my best friends came back home with me to Oregon to visit where I lived, but that would be way to much for me and oh the lazy!.

Except not really. Not much happened really.

 I enjoyed myself and loved being around people I care about. I acutally got out of my house and went places (which is unlike me) while my friend Courtney was visiting. We watched a total of 14 episodes of 'Buffy: The Vampire Slayer' while she was visiting over a course of 2 or 3 nights (which was all of Season One [except the first two episodes] and the first 4 episodes of Seasons Two).

And I have a new addiction. Has anyone heard of that game 'Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon' where "you" are a human-turned-pokemon and all that junk with rescue teams and stuff?. Well yes, I got the red version of that while Courtney was visiting and it is addicting. I am an Eevee and my 'partner' is a Charmander and.... yeah, I know I'm a geek.

Sense I really /should/ be in bed, I'm gonna stop writing and get some sleep sense I restart school tomorrow. Blah

I'd take the seasick crocodile

Have you ever wanted to just reach out and bitchslap someone(s) as hard as humanly possible just because they really do deserve it?.

I felt like that today and have been feeling that way towards this group of three girls in my choir for the last week. Why do they deserve to be slapped into submission?. Because they really just do (though I might be over-dramatic cause I am a teenager and female).

The past week they have been bitching and moaning and any other word for complaining about everything and anything possible. They didn't know the words to the songs we've been practicing for months, they don't like the smell of the room or they don't like the people they are standing nearby to. Or maybe people nearby have too orange of hair *rolls eyes*

But today just pissed me off. We were having our 'dress' (sans the dressing up part) rehearsal for our Winter Concert in the auditorium and the sopranos were practicing to get this one note right and one of the three girls just blurts out "They sound like a dying cat".

There was... silence after that as you can imagine and my friend Becca turned around and hissed at them to shut their mouth. The girl scoffed and said back "You shut your fucking mouth" as if she had been wrongly told to shut up.

I mean god!. Even if they did sound that bad, which they didn't, you don't say that sort of thing.

To ease my troubled mind

Wow... just... wow. I know it has been forever sense I updated *coughEbcough* but here I am now, but oh my word... today was an interesting day.

Today for my high school choir(s) [our school has five, I'm only in one of them] we had an assembly to show the middle schoolers how "cool" it would be to join the choral program if they come to my high school. Well... we did a wonderful job of showing them how "cool" it is. And only my choir out of the five seemed to be the... most interesting. Sense saying it all would take faaaar too long, bullets are nice and simple and easy:

  • My choir had no idea where we were sitting in the auditorium
  • My choir had no idea what order by row to sit in in said auditorium
  • My choir didn't know what were supposed to wear till last friday
  • Only about half of the girls acutally dressed perfectly right; a quarter dressed well enough and the last quarter didn't even try
  • We weren't sure what song(s) we were singing
  • We weren't sure exactly when we were going to sing
  • We didn't pratice how to get onto the stage and onto the raisers properly so we didn't mess up
  • We messed up getting on the raisers (not being seated right didn't help)
  • The one song were we singing, about half of the girls messed up by either singing the wrong lines or forgetting words, etc.
  • The person playing the piano to fast didn't help our ability (or apparently sudden lack-there-of) to sing
  • We messed up getting off the raisers
  • We messed up sitting down right (again)
  • About half of the girls wouldn't stop talking while the other groups/choirs sang
  • I bet I missed something else x_X
Such a lovely impression we gave those young girls to join the beginning girl's choir. The beginning guy's choir did better then us except for clothing issue, but whatever. *sigh* Plus I am still getting over a cold so all this combined to give me a bad day.

...but I got a cheese enchiliada when I got home so that made it all better.

I'm on my way

is it against the law to want to kill busdrivers?. Probably is, but oh my word today I was so pissed on my way home.

I caught the bus just outside of my school to my transfer spot. It was a nice simple ride and my second bus arrived soon. I got on and all was fine and dandy. Till out of the blue the busdriver just goes "You kids better shut up now or I'm calling the cops on you"

Needless to say that upset some people, but we quieted and continued to talk thinking it was just the busdriver's daily bitch-fesh. Nope.

At the next bus stop she just stopped the bus and refused to move. We sat there for about five minutes and quite a few people called to complain about her not moving. Then she yelled something I couldn't understand and just fricking got off the bus.

I was shocked, but at this point most everyone was annoyed (teens and adults alike) so about 3/4's of the bus got off to wait for the next one. A few people complained to her and said they paid money to ride the bus, so drive. She said "I don't care, that's too bad"

And can you guess what was sitting behind the bus?. A fricking COP CAR. She litterally called the cops on us.

So we had to wait another twenty minutes for the next bus and the busdriver wasn't even going to let the teens on the bus that arrived until the driver of that bus made her let us on.

I think somewheres over twenty people called and complained so I think at the very least she is going to get suspended.

I finally got home, but that was fricking unacceptable behavior from the driver of a public bus. People depend on the bus to get them where they need to go on time. Not for her to throw a fit. I have a feeling when kids gets home they are going to tell their parents and she might get fired.

Humph, good riddence.
Thanksgivings was fun, I had turkey and nummy mashed potatos. Yes there was other food, but that was the stuff I ate because I am picky and yeah.... either way, it was a great Thanksgiving. Better then having to go to my grandma's house and sit around with people that; even if we lived in the same town; we only really saw each other on holidays. Not very fun. But here I am in this new place and they let me come join them and it was great, I even 'made' the cresent rolls (and by made I mean I opened the Pillsbury package and rolled them).

And the day after Thanksgivings x3 I went back and there dammitchloe and slackrbitch teamed up and cut/bleached/dye my hair. I have never ever before in my life dyed my hair any colour beyond once highlighting it when I was a freshman in high school. But now my hair just brushes my shoulders and the tips are an orange-red colours *smile* Granted the dye was supposed to be a darker, more purpleish, red I still like it.

If you could only read my mind

Alright, it's offical.. my brother is a moron. He has a good job that pays well and he wants to quit because "He doesn't like the responsibility". And not only that he wants to apply for a job at the same place his girlfriend is working. Wow and here I was thinking my twenty year-old brother was maturing and getting some manner of intelligence to the fact he now has to take care of himself and pay all the bills/etc.

But of course not. That would too smart of him and we can't have that!. God, I wish I could just- just slap some sense into him or something. He can quit a job he hates AFTER he deals with all the money problems, not DURING. He's an adult now and he needs to act like one. And he's acting all shocked because I'm trying to mature and make it so I can take care of myself when the time comes.

I understand that the idea of taking of oneself is scary, hell it scares the hell out of me just thinking about it, but it's a fact of life we all need to deal with sooner or later. His time just came sooner then he thought. Our father isn't here to bail us out anymore so we need to grow up.

Tell him I'm not at home

What do you call someone who is way to amused by simple things?. Doesn't really matter. Anyways, I found a site that 'decodes' your name and it makes me giggle like the seventeen year old I am not most of the time.

*shakes head* Just follow the cut please?

But it's realCollapse )

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